Dec 23, 2010

Snowflakes, Snowflakes and MORE Snowflakes....

I'm sure you guys are over seeing these stamps but... in Miami... this is as close as we get to snow besides the white sand thrown in parks to SIMULATE snow for the kids. *Ugh* But anyhow, I gotta tell you guys how AMAZING this application was. I'm wearing Misa's Date Nights to the Twilight. A beautiful, seriously indigo kind of purple. It contains shimmer that depending on the lighting, looks blue or purpleish. This is actually a ONE COATER. Misa never fails for me. Seriously. It's pure love on my end.  I stamped snowflakes using China Glaze's Millenium and Color Club's Fashion Addict using Konad plates that for the life of me, I cant recall their numbers. The result was:

Happy Polishing!

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