Sep 24, 2010

Zoya Shivon

What a hard color to capture!  Wow.  And in person it's BEAUTIFUL!  It's like a burgundy with lots of gold shimmer, but not like bright gold.... like antiqued gold.  Classy.  Like totally wearable to work classy yet cool enough for us bloggers.  Where the color is more sparse, like the edges, it's like magenta.  Kinda hard to explain. 

See what I mean?  Maybe you can tell more in this larger image (please excuse the mess.  Hadn't cleaned up yet.)  I think you can see more of that purply-magenta shade in this one.  Totally Fall.  *love*

Happy Polishing, gals!

Sep 23, 2010

Allure - Best of Beauty

Any of my BFFs will know that when my Allure magazine gets to me every month, I'm missing during the time I read it cover to cover (which usually takes a good day or so). It's filled with all things beauty. Every October, they publish their Best of Beauty results which contains months of testing and spackling and reviewing and swatching.... Below are their results. My question to you gals out there... any of you used the Sally Hansen topcoat below? Comments? (Click any of the pics to enlarge)

Sep 22, 2010

Black Plaid

This is quick and dirty. I was running out of the house but I couldn't technically run out with the way my nails looked so I did this in a rush (you can tell). I do however want to use this stamp again using another color combination (thinkin' Burberry), and soon. I love plaid. All types. So pretty. Makes me miss a pleated plaid skirt I had back as a teenager. *love*

Anyway, you're here for the polish. This is Misa's Dying Love with the plaid image from Konad plate M60 using China Glaze OMG. Dying Love is black with dark gray shimmer. Very subtle, but it's certainly there.

Happy Polishing!

Sep 20, 2010

Ever been to a Rodeo?

Cowboy Up (definition): To face up to something, to show you've got the nerve. Originated in and around the rodeo circuits, mostly among bullriders.

They came up with this because...just maybe...uhm...have you ever stood next to a bull? THOSE THINGS ARE GINORMOUS! Hence the term.

And so I bring you "Cowgirl Up" by China Glaze. I don't have to be brave to wear this. I'll do it with pleasure. I think it's one of my new favorites. What a gorgeous burgundy with dark pink shimmer and actual - looks to me like blue - sparkles. Yes, blue! Or purple? Blurple? OMG. It's gorgeous.

What do you gals think?

Happy Polishing!

Sep 17, 2010

OPI and Apple Pie....BLACK LABEL!!!

This is OPI and Apple Pie. I'd call it a very creamy brown mustard kind of color. Very fitting for the season. I'm sure this would flatter a lot of people, I just didn't find it flattering on myself so it came off within 24 hours. Usually my manis last at least three days. Meh. Regardless, here you are girls...

Happy Polishing!

Sep 16, 2010

Sephora by OPI: Just a Fairy-tail

I snatched this bottle from one of my BFF's the other day just because I HAD to swatch it. Just HAD TO! It's shimmer on top of shimmer and then more shimmer. It's got silver and so much of it I couldn't tell if it was silver with blue or silver-blue with blue. In the bottle, you can't tell at all. Then you put it on your nails, run outside, and stare at the sparkles. The picture on the bottom-right is a little blurred so you can really see them. *wink* It's pretty sheer though, so this is three coats but it dried pretty quick thanks to Seche Vite.

Happy Polishing!

Sep 15, 2010

Ulta's Tainted Love

Funny name for this polish, no? Tainted Love. And they came up with this how? They got sick to their stomachs thinking of all the love gone wrong in their lives? The color is super nice and shimmery and just plain old, pretty. I want to say it's jelly-like dark green with lighter green and gold shimmer. I got some tip pull rather quickly, which I'm not accustomed to (must get a new bottle of top coat. Mine isn't welcoming any more thinner. Lesson learned from Lissi.) but I still did enjoy this shade very much. I hate the fact that my nails are so short though. My right hand is all one length and lovely and strong and my left? FOUR PEELING NAILS! And I'm right-handed!!! Seriously?

Anyway, here is Tainted Love.

Happy Polishing, gals!

Sep 14, 2010

Essie - Sew Psyched

I'm sure you've all seen this by now but I couldn't help myself. I didn't think this color would look good on me at all, but I think it does. Who knew. This is two coats of a smooth, great application. This was from a mini-set Lissi picked up so maneuvering around that tiny brush took a little practice but it worked in the end. Nice and creamy and in the sun, there is this super tiny silvery shimmer to it. Lovely. FALL-ish.

Happy Polishing!

Sep 12, 2010

New Poll!

Hey Ladies!

Just a quick post to ask you gals to help me pick what to wear next! I have inserted a temporary poll on the sidebar. Please vote and help me pick what to wear next!


UPDATE: Thanks Ladies! I took the poll down and went with OPI's My Private Jet holo! Check back soon. I'm going to need help picking my next color!

Sep 2, 2010

Zoya's Kalista

Ok. So it's September and to me that means that although the weather is still in the 90's, Fall is just around the corner. SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER... it just makes me want to break out the vampy colors and put away all the punchy and vibrant bottles till next year. So, here is my first pick of the season and a winner nonetheless. This is Zoya's Kalista. I know it looks more red-toned... that's because of the reddish shimmer but the base is this super rich gorgeous espresso. Literally, it's the color I'd want my hair. If this were fudge, I'd have gained a few pounds by now. It's amazing! (And no, I haven't altered the photos.... I am THAT white. Haven't been able to make the tanning salon in days.)

Happy Polishing, gals!

Sep 1, 2010

Mojito Anyone?

You know, I really like Orly polishes. The brush handle is super amazing because really, who loses their grip on those?; and the formula is always great, at least that's been my experience. And this is no exception. On top of that, this is a jelly-based green that is soooooo shiny, I couldn't stop staring. It was adorable. Loved it. Would have loved it more if it wouldn't have made my skintone look so rosy but eh, life's not perfect. This is two coats of Orly's Mint Mojito.

Happy Polishing!