Jan 10, 2011

KOTD: I Went Skiing 'Til I Dropped

Good Morning! I am avoiding my law school homework... It's so hard to get back into the routine when you've been gone from school for a month. Ugh... I don't want to do it! So what better way to distract myself than with nail polish! This is another look I did a while back and never got around to posting the pictures. This is OPI's "Ski Teal We Drop" from the Swiss Collection. This is my favorite color from that collection and it reminds me of my ski trip... because I "dropped" plenty of times. I literally went down a portion of the mountain on my butt and not on the skis! 

Anyways, it's a dark creme teal. It leans more towards the blue side of the force than the green. (Yes, I just made a Star Wars reference. My boyfriend got me to watch the trilogy and now I make references all the time. LOL!) The application was a dream with just 2 coats. Then I stamped on my ring finger using China Glaze's "Beauty and the Beach." I think that is from the Fiji collection. I would describe it as a teal / turquoise with a lot of aquamarine shimmer. It looks green when stamped over "Ski Teal We Drop." The flower is from the Bundle Monster plate BM06.

Hope you gals like. Happy polishing!


Mandy McDonald said...

I adore this color. i just actually had it on last week! looks great especially with that stamp!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I love this color, but I wish it wasn't quite so dark on me. I really like your little flower.

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

I love the stamping on your ring finger, such a great combination!