Jan 7, 2011

Purple? Indigo? Pindigo? Indurple?

What a DIFFICULT color to capture on film.  Try as I did, I couldn't get the more purple side of this shade to come thru.  It looks a lot more navy, does it not?  And it's a shame, cuz it's gorge.  It's a very inky indigo shade of purple with purple shimmer.  So much so that the shimmer makes the base shade look navy.  *shrugs*  Maybe it is.  Either way, it's lovely.  This is Misa's Spinning Out of Control.  I edited the pic in the center to try to get this color to look as accurate as possible (my skin is NOT that shade of beige...lol)

Happy Polishing!


Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Lovely! Purples are really a pita to capture on camera :)

Enamel Girl said...

it's beautiful! my camera can't caputure reds properly.

colorfulbottle said...

It looks really beautiful, I always have problems with shooting teal polishes, sometimes with purple and even blue =)