Jan 20, 2011

So nice, we did it TWICE!

What else am I talking about?  I speak of H&M's Bella's Choice, of course!  I'm sure you guys have all seen this swatched plenty of times... but just for the heck of it, here you are again.  Lissi swatched this last year the second we received the bottle in a swap.  Two coats of amazing creamy turquoise goodness.  The pic of the bottle is as color-accurate as I could get the photo.  *shrugs*  Regardless, heaven to apply and wear.  This shade makes me want Spring to get here in a hurry, no?

Happy Polishing!


Jette Fromm said...

It's a very pretty colour indeed :) I've almost used mine up!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

gah! I love this color soooo much...and I seem to have misplaced mine...how does one DO that in such a tiny living space??? I do not know..I have a couple places to check still...hopefully I will find it again. The formula, the color, the finish...GAH! BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for reminding me to find it again!