Feb 4, 2011

NOTD: Driving Hazard

This polish should be labeled: "Hazardous for your health." Not because it contains harmful chemicals... but because its a freaking driving hazard! The moment the sun hits this color... BAM! You can't help but stare at it and you find yourself no longer paying attention to your surroundings. Not a good thing to do when driving to school! This color is freaking insane! It's an intense royal blue with a metric ton of blue shimmer and a fair amount of purple shimmer (I tried to capture this as much as I could). You notice the blue shimmer no matter how much lighting there is... but it really pops when you are out in the sun and the purple shimmer becomes noticeable. The sunlight really makes your nails look electric. I did 3 coats just to be safe. I thought I saw some VNL when I had only 2 coats.

I think this is a must-have for any polish loving person. I am obsessed with the color blue. I know I always say "this is my new favorite." However, this is honestly my new favorite blue! LOL! Plus the bottle cap color is super cute. =)

Happy Polishing!


~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Hrm...another dupe me thinks? Orly Lunar Eclipse...do you have it to compare?

Jen said...

I can see how this can be distracting! Gorgeous =D

Patricia said...

I love it!