Feb 21, 2011

Orly's Pixie Dust

Cute no?  Not so much a neutral, since it's basically gray, but I still feel it's office-appropriate without being mannequin hands.  (Luckily I work at a law firm where they could care less what color my nail polish is.  And even before when I was a court reporter, I'd go before a Judge on a daily basis and my nails were blue or green.  Some would even ask for the name of the shade I was wearing.  I'm just saying... don't put it passed your boss that they could be a bit open-minded to something other than beige for your manicures (which I don't even own.))  Sorry about the rant.  Anyway, Orly never fails me and here we have two coats of Pixie Dust.

Grey with slight silver glass fleck and a tiny amount of blue microshimmer.  It's in there, for sure, because it's just not plain gray but you gotta look closely.  It gives it just enough of something different.  It's nice.   *shrugs*

Happy Polishing!


Honey_lili said...

I have this polish and I love it ! so cute in spring and even in winter. Yes I do wear polish depending on the weather... (hello freak ! LOL)

Jackie S. said...

This is a favorite of mine :)