Apr 18, 2011

Baby, I wish it was "coal" outside!

Hey Ladies!

This is my attempt to finish clearing out my manicures from the Fall/Winter. Just in case your wondering why I was busting out with a dark color in the middle of Spring. This is OPI's Baby It's "Coal" Outside! Personally, I love OPI's creativity when it comes to polish names. Super cute. This reminds me of my wish for cold weather in Miami. It's in the 90s here and sooooooo humid. I practically have a mini heat stroke every time I walk to my car. And my butt cooks on the seat every time I get in the car. LOL! I hate it! You never get used to it! And summer hasn't even started yet! *faints* I'm jealous of the fact that it was 60 degrees up by my boyfriends neck-of-the-woods. I wish I were there right now! Anyways... I'd describe this as a charcoal/gunmetalish black with a mega ton of shimmer. I believe this took 2 coats for full coverage. The formula and application were great. Really love this color!

Anyone else hate the heat?

Happy Polishing!


(♥♥♥♥♥) Minty said...

I used to live in Miami, in fact I was born and raised there, but I agree--way too hot! Something as simple as getting the mail makes you want to cry. It's unreal.

Beautiful color by the way. I love the glitter in it.

Linen and Silk said...

That's why I could never live in Florida. :(

This is one of my fave colors of all time. I have very few backup bottles, but this is one!

AmyGrace said...

It looks so mysterious, I like!

Fiona said...

I could NEVER live in the south, I HATE the heat so much and I thought I was one of the only ones!! This is why I love northern New England... its 35 degrees and windy here!!

Beautiful color!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely polish!

Toyomi said...

This color is so gorgeous (: I want it !

Band Of Blushers said...

Wohooo I just bought this in a blog sale hooray it looks fab on you really excited to get it now

Ce! said...

Por favor!!!! NO entiendo inglés, amo la manicure y me encantaría aprender más. Pongan el traductor para el blog, GRACIAS!
Hermosos sus trabajos!