Apr 12, 2011

Jessica Runway Style Collection (Spring 2011) - Swatch / Review

Hey Ladies!

I have another review for you today. I was very excited to receive this collection. It took me a while to get this swatched. Life can be crazy sometimes! This is Jessica's Spring 2011 Runway Style Collection. Overall, I am very pleased with it. This was my first experience with Jessica nail polish.

Lets take a look!

Alluring Creature - This is described as a baby pink color. I think its more of a muted baby pink creme.  I only needed 2 coats for full coverage. Application was great.

Coquette - This color is described as an iridescent gray. This color has a very pretty pink/purple iridescent shimmer. I felt that this made the color unique. However, it was very difficult to capture. You can see some of it on the top right picture. If you can't see it then just trust me... It's there! This color isn't a frosty/metallic color but you do have to watch your application so that it doesn't leave any streaks. This took 3 coats for full and even coverage.

Enchantress - This is described as an orange coral color. I think the coral is barely noticeable. I feel that this is a light orange creme. Application was great and smooth. I used 2 coats for full coverage.

Goddess - This color is described as a shimmery white. They aren't kidding! This is a very pearly white shimmery color. Very frosty like. You have to be careful with application because it can be very streaky. You can see some of that in my pictures. This color took 3 coats for full coverage since its a little more on the sheer side.

Seductress - This color is described as a ruby pink. I know it looks red in my pictures but I swear it was impossible to photograph. However, its not completely inaccurate either. This color switches from ruby pink to a reddish color depending on the light. It's a super yummy jelly (so its a little on the sheer side)! I applied 3 coats before I was satisfied with the amount of VNL. Application was great.

Temptress of the Sea - This color is described as glistening beige. This reminds me of a champaign type beige with subtle silver shimmer. This took 3 coats for full coverage. Application was great.


What do you gals think?

This collection was sent to us for review. Please read our disclosure policy (here).


Une Ruxi à Paris said...

The red one is so intese!! I adore it

detelleypamela said...

i love Alluring creature..nice nude color.

Summer said...

Oh my, that first nude color is just perfect <3 Going on my wishlist! :D

herroyalbleakness said...

Thanks for sharing! these are amazing!

love4laqcuer said...

your swatches are soooo pretty!!

jaljen said...

Temptress is really unusual. But I'll have 4 of the 6. Very keen on these.

Elsa P. said...

I'm a pink lover, so the first one is absolutely my favourite :D

Miss Starshiny said...

my favourite are orange and red!