Jul 19, 2011

Quick Update

Hey Ladies!

Just wanted to jump in and give you guys a quick update. You might have noticed that we've been slightly "missing." Or you might not have noticed at all. LOL! Either way, here is the update.

I'm still in St. Louis. I have a collection by China Glaze and Dr.'s Remedy to swatch and review for you. However, I am waiting to get my camera back so I can do that. You might be asking: What happened to your camera? Well... It went swimming in the river. Literally! I took it on a float trip down a river with me and it ended up in the water despite all my efforts. I sent it to Sony for repair and was just told it was shipped back to me.

Why hasn't Mari posted? Because I have her camera too. So you might wonder: Why don't you swatch and use Mari's camera? Um, well... It kinda died! It's been giving me a weird error and refuses to take pictures. I google the error and called Nikon. Seems its a shutter failure. Great!

So we are both camera-less. But hopefully not for much longer!


Akuma Kanji said...

Oh no! Does this mean you have a kind of hate/love relationship with cameras?? :P Anyways, I hope you will be back soon 'cause I really want to see those swatches! ;)

La Brown Girl said...

I have a totally irrelevant question. There is a picture of nails on the sidebar in which the person is holding a beautiful purple. The bottle is China Glaze. For me, it's the first picture that pops up when I come onto the site. What color is it? I MUST have it! Thank you!

Minza. said...

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