Jan 25, 2012

Time to play with Legos!

So my inner child has come out! I must confess that I'm 26 years old and I LOVE Legos... What you see in the picture is a Lego Wiimote. How freaking awesome is that? I didn't even know they made those! My boyfriend got it for me as a gift the Christmas before last. It comes with little lego pieces so you can decorate it (the strip of colors running along the sides). This Wiimote is a real attention-getter. Anytime I take it to a friends house for game nights I get tons of comments on it. And since its so unique and bright, there is no having to figure out which remote belongs to who (at least not for me). So, being the dork that I am, I decide to paint my nails matching my Wiimote.

First up is China Glaze's Happy Go Lucky from the Up & Away Collection. This is a bright yellow creme. Super bright but not a neon. 2 coats. Next, we have OPI's No Room For The Blues from the Brights by OPI Collection. This is a sky blue creme. 2 coats. Next is OPI's Dating a Royal from the Mod About Brights Collection. This is a deep dark blue (but not so dark that it looks black). The jury is still out on whether its a creme or a jelly. 2-3 coats. But I know one thing for sure: This polish stains like a mother! So be sure to apply 2 coats of your base. Last but not least is Chrysanthe-mum's The Word by FingerPaints from the Petals Collection. This is a bright green creme. Sometimes it looks a little on the mint green side. 2 coats. This is a look from "the vault" so I don't remember what I put on my thumbs... I probably just repeated one of the 4 colors.

Hope you all like it! Anyone else a Lego freak?

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beachgal said...

Never had kids and they were not out with I was a kid so never got into Legos...they were too expensive for me to buy them for toys in my PS-K Sunday School room. I think this time of year anything goes for polish and it's a fun time for many due to that!