Feb 6, 2012

Zoya's Tru vs. OPI's Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI

Hey Ladies! So I figured out why I really liked Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI by (obviously) OPI... Because it's pretty much identical to Zoya's Tru. I've been head-over-heels in love with Tru ever since it came out. *sigh* I knew I shouldn't have bought Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI when I was debating which colors to get from the Holland Collection. At that moment I just couldn't figure out why a voice in my head was saying: "Don't get it!" But I was hypnotized by the beautiful color. And of course it was because I technically was already in love with the color. LOL! 

Tru is a saturated, red-toned grape purple with speckled shimmer that reflects gold, orange and red. OPI is described as a plum purple and has the same gold, orange, and red shimmer. Both were opaque with just 2 coats and both had a perfect formula. There was a moment when I thought one was darker than the other but I think it was the light. In the bottle, Tru seems to have more shimmer but on the nail they have the same amount. In my opinion, I think we have an official dupe! I really don't see how to justifying purchasing both (unless you're a dork like me and don't remember already owning the color). I think in the end it will come down to which brand you love more or which brand you have more access to.

My heart was always with OPI... But ever since Zoya came into my life my loyalty has changed.
<3 Zoya

So which one would you buy?

Happy Polishing!


Blu11 said...

Beautiful! :)) thanks for this comparison. Now that I see they are dupes, I will probably be getting OPI because it's much cheaper for me to order online than Zoya. Although I'm partial to Zoya too <3.

Chester said...

I would buy Zoya Tru. In fact I have. I have better access to OPI but I really dislike their ginormous brushes.

Akuma Kanji said...

They are indeed dupes! I thought OPI was a tiny darker but then I thought it was the light too :P I would by the cheapest 'cause in this case there is no reason to have both. But you know what, maybe I would get Zoya 'cause I have none!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I'm at an impass. I like OPI's brush but I like Zoya better in general. Too bad I can't just change out the brush...it'll probably just come down to which is available when I go to pick it up.

Thanks for the comparison!

beachgal said...

Yes, this is a true dupe. I knew about it a few months ago so I never bought the entire collection of Truth when it came out. I wanted to wait and see who liked which formulas best. There is the same issue with Skylar and Herring (I think that's the blue that's so much like Skylar). Ditto for Bevin and Windamillion. Some feel Farrah and Van Gough are alike - I see some difference there - but not enough to warrant me wanting them both.

I just put in a Zoya order and did not order any of the 'dupes' that are in Truth. I have a friend who gets OPI for her business and she asked me which shades I wanted 2 months ago and I gave her my order. I did order all the spoons from the 4 or 5 shades i did not order out of Truth. Zoya used to always send comp spoons of all the more recent collections with my orders - but the past 3 orders I placed with them (despite I spent close to $100), I did not get comp spoons for any of the newer collections but comp spoons on old collections from last summer! I probably will end up with the OPI dupes only out of the 2 companies since their access for me is easier and a tish cheaper. I surely would have liked to have seen a peach or coral in the Zoya Truth collection. They just have given us too many neutrals of late to put 2 of them again in this new collection.

Emily said...

If you've noticed site traffic from repeated Google searches for "dutch ya just love opi tru" in the NY, NY area, I cop to each and every one. My birthday's tomorrow and I feel like treating myself to a polish, so I'm debating a trip to pick up DYJLO after work. Like Megan, I like OPI's brush just fine, but I prefer Zoya's product overall. (And Tru would coordinate better with my existing Zoya collection than DYJLO would with my OPI polishes!) I wish I had brick and mortar access to the Zoya line, but if I want amethyst birthday nails, it'll be OPI for me.

Emily said...

I did pick up DYJLO and I'm so glad I did! It's gorgeous. In most lighting and from a distance, it looks like a muted plum creme. The subtle shimmer is like a secret that surprises me all over again every time the light hits my nails just so. Oh, the prettiness!