Mar 2, 2012

Let's Get Naked!

Hey Ladies! So I had a friend's babyshower this weekend and I decided to paint my nails accordingly. It's a girl... so of course I'd go with pink. This is Naked by China Glaze. Another polish from my untried drawer... And I think it belongs to Mari. LOL! Naked is a simple beauty. A bubblegum pink with small silver shimmer. A polish doesn't have to be overly complicated to be pretty. This polish needs about 2-3 coats for full coverage. I noticed some VNL under the light with just 2 coats so I went for a 3rd. No complaints about the formula or application. I was going to stamp but I felt like none of the images on my plates were baby related. So I left it simple.

Hope you gals like it!

On another note: 9 days 'til my 27th birthday! I can't wait. I wanted to get myself a little polish gift (since I've been so good with my ban) but I can't find what I want. So I'm calling out to you all for help! HELP ME! Anyone know where I can find OPI DS Glamour? I've been wanting this color for far too long now! I am obsessed with blue and that polish is like nothing I've ever seen before! It's time to track this beauty down (because I refuse to turn to eBay). I was lucky enough once that a follower was able to find Merry Midnight for me and we were able to do a swap. I'm hoping I can get lucky again. So please, if anyone can get their hands on OPI DS Glamour email me! We can arrange something. You have no idea how appreciative I'd be! Thanks in advance! =)


-Diana- said...

Very pretty I bought this for a friend a couple of years ago but regret not buying it for myself ;)

(I think Glamour is sooo pretty too want that also ;)I did see it on ebay for about 40 euros that is wayyyyyy too much for a polish ;))

beachgal said...

I don't even remember this pretty pink. But good for you pulling from your untrieds. I need to do that myself more often & decide if I want to keep or swap/donate. Next, happy birthday a little early. I think getting your hands on DS Glamour is a good task - but sans turning to eBay, I don't know where you will get one. You might try Google version of eBay called eCrater - though I find the prices as high, sometimes higher there and it's not user friendly at all. I too covet Glamour and am kicking myself I did not pick it up 2 yrs ago when it was around for $20 and under. I keep hoping a huge bunch of these will be discovered and dumped onto the secondary market like happened with DS Ruby.