Mar 5, 2012

Yummy Chocolate Pudding!

Hey Ladies! 6 days 'til my birthday! I can't wait!

So back to my untried drawer I go... This polish has been long overdue. I've owned it for at least a year and a half now and hadn't worn it yet. *sigh* This is Mink Muffs by Essie. Essie describes this as a smoky plush taupe. I'd describe this as milk chocolate pudding. You know those pudding packs that have a layer of chocolate, a layer of vanilla, and another layer of chocolate? Well, the color you get when you mix the 3 layers together (as I always do) is what this color is to me! LOL! Now I'm hungry for pudding. The bottle is a little deceiving... The polish dries darker than you'd think based on the bottle. But it's still super pretty! 2 coats for full coverage (but you can almost get away with just 1).

I went ahead and stamped some leopard spots using BM-221 by Bundle Monster. I barely own any gold polishes because gold and I don't usually go well together. But I reconnected with this beauty in my stash: Butterscotch Cookie by FingerPaints. This is a beautiful gold with gold micro shimmer. Perfect for stamping if you want a touch of gold but don't want it to be overbearing! Perfect for me.

Hope you gals like it!


Cara Robinson said...

I love the colour AND the stamping :) xx

beachgal said...

This color is also in my untrieds bucket! I heard so much about this shade, bought it, then only swatched it on paper. I need to get it out and wear it. It is like many Essies - looks better on than in the bottle.