Mar 7, 2012

Sew Psyched for Roses!

Hey ladies! Today I have another long overdue beauty that has lived in my untried drawer for far too long. It was time it was used and graduated to my "green" drawer. LOL! This is Sew Psyched by Essie. So pretty! I got this in a little box set that came with 3 other colors from this collection. The small bottles are cute but now I wish I had a big bottle of this color because it's so amazing! Essie describes this as a cashmere soft sage pewter. I agree with the sage description and would only add that it has subtle silver micro-shimmer. 2 coats for full coverage.

I'm such a cornball. I told my boyfriend I was going to stamp flowers because I get "sew psyched" when he gives me flowers! LOL! *insert knee slap here* So I went with the full nail rose design on m65 by Konad. I stamped using Millennium by China Glaze (a silver). Only downside, I think stamping with silver killed the silver micro-shimmer. Maybe I'm crazy but now I don't see it! *stares at nails* Oh well! Still pretty!

On another note: 5 days 'til my 27th birthday!!! =) I'm so excited. I got myself the Pandora charm bracelet as a birthday gift. But I'm not wearing it until Sunday. Especially since I didn't buy any charms. My mom got me some charms but she won't let me have them until the day of my birthday. No point in wearing a charmless charm bracelet. LOL!

Now I just need to figure out how to paint my nails for that day. Any suggestions?


Leisel said...

Water marble!

beachgal said...

I vote for a fab orange/red for your b'day mani with a slight gradient of a super fine/sheer glitter.