Apr 4, 2012

Comparison: For Audrey v. Aquadelic v. Bella's Choice

Ok, first off, forgive the dry cuticles, please.  I did this comp in a rush Friday night because I just had to prove a point.  If you can't locate H&M's Bella's Choice anywhere near you, you can live with China Glaze's Aquadelic... and I'll show you how. 

It's no secret that blues, especially ones like these, are popular.  They're great Spring/Summer shades, so pretty, and very flattering colors on most skintones.  Win, win!  So when I received Aquadelic from China Glaze I kept staring at it, then Lissi stole it from me for a weekend or three, and then I decided to wear Bella's Choice by H&M.  As usual, it's a shade I cant stop staring at, but it reminded me of Aquadelic.... so..... here's a comp. 



When I look at them, For Audrey by China Glaze appears dustier... less aqua with less of the green undertone, but Aquadelic  has just the tiniest bit of more green to it than Bella's Choice.  Bloggers like us and blog-followers would see the difference, but to the common man... really?  can you tell?  I think not.  :)

Happy Polishing!

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