Apr 30, 2012

Love Grey's Anatomy

Hey! Sorry for my disappearance. I'm in finals week(s) and have been studying like crazy. I actually have a final exam today and am probably studying as you read this (this is a scheduled post).

Prepare to be shocked. For once I'm not liking a Zoya polish. LOL! Well, let me be more specific. I'm not a fan of the color. However, like every typical Zoya polish I've come across, the formula and application were perfect. I'm just not a fan of the color itself. It does nothing for me. I'm talking about Lexi. On a random note, I love that name! It's the name of my favorite character from Grey's Anatomy... I love her hair... *sigh*

Zoya describes this as a soft-toned shimmering multi chromatic shade that combines mauve, silver, pink, and hints of blue. Sounds pretty right? I thought so too. Except I don't see the blue... what I see is green. I tried to see the blue in different lighting but not luck. I kept seeing green. I tried to see the blue in different lighting but no luck. I kept seeing green. And in some lighting that is all you see: Green! By no means is this Zoya's fault. Its just my personal taste and my skin-tone's refusal to look flattering with certain greens. I applied about 3 coats for a full coverage. Application and formula were good as always.

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MariJo said...

While it's nothing spectacular, I do think it looks lovely on you. All the best on your exams!