May 21, 2012

Don't Panic!

Hey Ladies!

This wasn't in my untried drawer but I saw it while reorganizing my helmer and really wanted to use it again. This is Purple Panic by China Glaze. The name of this polish always reminds me of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Which reminds me that I let someone borrow that book years ago and I never got it back! I hate that! Anyways, I'd describe this color as an insanely bright neon fuchsia purple with a very slight blue iridescent shine. It's a neon so it dries matte within seconds. The color really pops as soon as you put topcoat over it. I forgot how bright this was until I stepped out into the sun. Good thing I accidentally filed my nails too short. I'd go blind if my nails were any longer. I applied 3 coats for full coverage. Downside was that the formula was watery. I can't remember if its always been that way or if its because this bottle is a little older. Except I thought polish got thicker as time passed... It wasn't a huge deal but I did try to stay away from the sides of my nails as much as possible. If the brush/polish touched the edge it would instantly run all the way up to the cuticle. That was slightly annoying.

Happy Polishing!


Heather said...

Ahh, looks great and thank you for reminding me that this is also on my untried shelf!

Peace, Love and Polish said...

Gorgeous purple! I almost go this one the other day, as I need a purple neon! I ended up getting Flying Dragon - but now I wanna go back and get this one too!

The Satirical Stylist said...

I recently got hold of this... L.O.V.E I.T x