Nov 19, 2013

Plaid hearts....

This is my poor attempt at a mani I saw last weekend by the lovely and talented Quiche Girl. You can see her amazingness here.  Seriously?  How gorgeous are those nails?  Now.  In my defense... I WAS running around with my children and kinda in a hurry to leave the house and head north to the boyfriend's.... and I will also say I WILL be attempting this manicure again.  Soon.  So we'll see.  Maybe if my tips were more rounded?  But I just cant bring myself to round them off.... I'm such a squoval lover.  :/

I hope you guys enjoy it either way. 

I used Mason by Zoya, Spontaneous and Millennium by China Glaze, and Liquid Leather by Orly.  How bad does it look?


  Happy Polishing!

1 comment:

Chester said...

So beautiful! I love the whimsical touch :)