Nov 18, 2013

Quirky Smile (revisited)

I felt like teal... and I know, it's not very "Fallish"... but still.  I'm in Miami, Florida... it's 82 degrees here.  What Fall?  LOL

So this is two coats of Quirky Smile by one of my favorite polish makers.... MISA!  Its a lovely jelly-ish teal with tons of green microshimmer.  At least, that's how I see it.  I placed two coats of Zoya's Charla on my ring finger and placed a super subtle stamp (more like a stamping fail) on my middle finger... you can barely see it so really... don't bother looking.


 You can kinda sorta see the stamp at this angle... but not really. 

And here is a picture in the daylight.  Try as I may, this shade of teal is so hard to capture.   Most of my pictures ended up looking blue. 

I promise something more Fall-ish and/or Turkey-related soon.  :) 

Happy Polishing!

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