Jan 17, 2012

Zoya's Bevin vs. OPI's Mermaid's Tears

Hey Ladies!

So I've read a few comments from people on the internet wondering how Bevin and Mermaid's Tears compare with one another. So I decided to do a comparison! I thought they were identical when looking at them in the bottles but that isn't the case on the nail. Swatches were done with no base coat and no topcoat.

Zoya describes Bevin as a dusty medium sage green with teal tones and a creamy opaque finish. OPI's Mermaid's Tears is like a dusty turquoise sea green. No dupe. Bevin is darker. And the tones are different. There is more blue in Mermaid's Tears. What you don't see is the difference in the formula. The swatches above have 2 coats. Bevin is much more opaque with just 1 coat. Mermaid's Tears seemed so much more watery. It was weird. You get the same result with 2 coats in the end but I didn't like the watery formula too much.

They're clearly different but I don't think the difference is crazy enough to "need" both (if you're on a budget). If you love green as much as I love blue, you'll probably want both. LOL! If I had to pick one, I'd go for Zoya's Bevin. The formula is just so much better on this one!

Happy Polishing!


Anonymous said...

I don't remember Mermaid's tears being watery, but I'll pull it out again soon. I LOVE that polish so maybe it just a lot of air time and dried out more/thickened up because I've used it a lot. I do like OPIs color better being that it's not as dark and gray. Great comparison though! Thanks a ton!!

Rachael said...

Thanks for the post! I was wondering that too, because I love Bevin. However, I found Mermaid's Tears at Ulta on sale and I picked it up, so I now know that I probably don't need both!! :)


beachgal said...

I thought of MT right away when I saw Bevin swatches. But I did think MT was going to be lighter and a tish more dusty. Then I saw remarkable swatches side by side from a blogger of Bevin with Thanks a Windmillion, an OPI shade from the new spring Holland collection 2012. The two are way more than kissing cousins. Not quite dupes but soooo close unless that is your shade you love more than any other in hues, one would never need both. There is another super close dupe in the Zoya collection to one of the lavenders in the Holland collection as well. I am not recalling without looking for the side by side comparison if it's Lotus or the darker violet in the collection. Just an FYI for those thinking of getting both full collections; you might be wise to double check.

Marisa said...

I'm so looking forward to getting Bevin!! I love these types of greens.

HurricaneBubbles said...

I am such a green fanatic when it comes to polishs and just got Bevin as a gift. But I am so getting Mermaid's Tears too lol.