Dec 28, 2010

OPI Teasy Does It...

I've been lemming this shade everywhere I saw it... and I finally caved the other day and went on TD and ordered some.  Meh.  Why not, it's Christmas, no?  So... anyway, Merry Christmas to me (and of course, I hope you fellow bloggers and followers out there had a very joyous one as well).  <3

Having said that, this is OPI's Teasy Does It with the floral lacey impression stamp from Konad plate M71 on my ring fingers using China Glaze's 2030.  Classy, yet still festive and good for any special occasion, if you ask me.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this shade.... gorgeous.  And application was just as easy. 

Happy Polishing!

Dec 23, 2010

Snowflakes, Snowflakes and MORE Snowflakes....

I'm sure you guys are over seeing these stamps but... in Miami... this is as close as we get to snow besides the white sand thrown in parks to SIMULATE snow for the kids. *Ugh* But anyhow, I gotta tell you guys how AMAZING this application was. I'm wearing Misa's Date Nights to the Twilight. A beautiful, seriously indigo kind of purple. It contains shimmer that depending on the lighting, looks blue or purpleish. This is actually a ONE COATER. Misa never fails for me. Seriously. It's pure love on my end.  I stamped snowflakes using China Glaze's Millenium and Color Club's Fashion Addict using Konad plates that for the life of me, I cant recall their numbers. The result was:

Happy Polishing!

Dec 21, 2010

Sparkly Green...

This is me just being festive again. I can't help it during this season. Everything surrounding you is red or green, gold and silver, bright and lit up with lights. Why not?

Anyway, this was unplanned and just grab and go. No thought went into it whatsoever, which probably shows.  I wanted to stamp but Lissi has confiscated our plate binder and held it hostage.  I'm planning an abduction soon.  This is just two coats of Sinful Color's Show me the Way - a nice olive shimmery green; with one coat of China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle (we all know that one).   Simple, but festive.  <3.

Happy Polishing!

Dec 17, 2010

Christmas Red... at least for me...

Hi girls!  Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season.  I know I am.  Plenty to do with my friends and my kids... shopping, food, this and that, more food, sales everywhere... and of course, time to do our nails in festive shades.  What better way to start than with a great red?  This is Misa's Girl Friday.  I think it's GORGEOUS!  It's a super bright red with red shimmer.  Seriously vibrant.  I gotta say it's the one time of the year I enjoy being pale. 

I know I had been MIA for a bit... I was growing out my nails from a super bad tear with a Nailtiques treatment.  I'm happy to report I'll be buying stock in that company.  I will NEVER be without their Formula 2 again!!!!

*I know the pics in the collage don't look centered... but that's because I'm trying to have Mr. Snowman and Santa show too...  lol*

Happy Polishing!

Dec 7, 2010

NOTD: Save Water, Shower Together!

Hey Ladies!

The last week has been crazy. I've had 3 law school final exams back to back (somewhat: Thursday, Friday and Monday/today). My last final exam is Wednesday. I need that day to get here ASAP. It has been insane! As a matter of fact, I need December 16th to get here ASAP. I'm in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend and I have planned a skiing trip and are meeting in Colorado on the 16th. I can't wait!!! For those of you not in the US, we get no snow in Miami. We practically have beach weather all year. 

But you know what that means... Time to start planning a snow mani for the trip!

Moving on... Here is another mani from back in July. I present to you China Glaze's "Shower Together" from their Eco Collection.

This is a beautiful aqua creme color. There is something about this shade that has me falling head-over-heels every time I see it! I believe this was 2 coats (definitely not more than 3 coats).

Until next time! =)