May 21, 2010

NOTD/KOTD - Murdered by ManGlaze

Hey Ladies!

Here is my first (and so far only, but not for long) ManGlaze polish! This is 2 coats of "Matte is Murder." Let me just say that this color is insane! At first, it has insane shimmer in almost every single color under the sun. Then it dries matte and its all gone. Once its matte, its like the color of fresh black asphalt.

Application was a dream. It wasn't streaky. It didn't pull on the prior coat. It dries almost instantly. This really is the perfect matte. I suggest you run to their website and get this ASAP! If you have been on the fence about it, make the leap! It's totally worth it.

Then I decided to spice up my mani with one of the Bundle Monster image plates. But first, I added another layer of "Matte is Murder" since I already had the mani for a full day. I didn't have any chips but I wanted to add another layer. I used the star pattern on BM21 (my new favorite image). I used China Glaze's "Millennium" for the stamp.

Then I decided to add more spice and wanted to see this beauty with topcoat. That shimmer I was talking about earlier came right back!

It looks like a completely different polish. I love it!

Moral of the Story: I highly recommend ManGlaze!

Happy Polishing!

KOTD: Wedding Mani

Hey Ladies!

So this is the mani that I did on May 14th for my best friends wedding the next day. I was a bridesmaid so I couldn't do anything insane. I was going to do a simple french but messed it up and got annoyed. So I took it all off and started over.

Please forgive my crappy looking cuticles. I took these pictures while I was out the day after the wedding. We were out on the boat and roasting in the sun. So my hands were insanely dry.

This is 2 coats of Essie's "Sag Habor." Then I used Konad's White Special Polish to stamp the bows from the M69 image plate. I put the bows on the ring fingers and thumbs. Before stamping I debated turning this into a french mani but I was afraid that the french tip would look weird with this color. In the end, I felt that this was safe enough for a wedding. It was the only color I had that was the closest to the blue of the dress.

Sag Harbor is amazing. It's like a very silver/grayish blue.

Hope you ladies like it!

Happy Polishing!

May Hauls: ManGlaze, Zoya, China Glaze, Lush, and Bundle Monster!

Hey Ladies!

May has been a busy month! But it's also full of awesome new items... which ultimately led to my self-imposed ban. LOL!

Here is everything new this month:

I purchased the Lush Lemon Flutter Cuticle Butter after seeing so many great reviews about it. I'm trying to avoid cutting and other moisturizing methods haven't worked for me so far.

I had to make a trip to Sally's recently and checked out their Reduced bin. I struck gold. Sitting there was one bottle of Millennium. I've never seen Millennium at Sally's. I visit that Sally's often and have never seen it there before. I grabbed that bottle faster than fast! During a prior trip to Sally's my friend found C-C-Courage in the Reduced bin too. She wasn't gonna buy it... So I did!

Next up is "Matte is Murder" by ManGlaze. I saw a post about this polish by Lacquerized. Isn't her swatch just gorgeous? I fell in love! Plus, ManGlaze had this polish on sale. It was polish-fate! I had to order it!

Then there is Bundle Monster. I've seen bloggers rant and rave about these plates. Who can beat 21 image plates for just $17.99. I love Konad but you can't beat the price! And since fellow bloggers said they worked just fine I made the leap for it. The main difference that I have noticed about the plates is that the full nail images are a little more narrow than the Konad full nail images. I hope this won't end up being a problem. But the variety of images on the plates is amazing so it is still worth the price. If you are debating these, I suggest you make the jump. Shipping was super fast!

And last but not least: Zoya! I got Charla from the new collection. That color has been stalking me online. LOL! And then I received my polishes from the Zoya Exchange. Our order from Zoya was for about 20 bottles but they weren't all for me. I got Harley, Anaka, Drew, Tallulah, Venus, Posh (Matte), and Veruschka (Matte). The only sad part was that Tallulah arrived with the bottle cap closed improperly. It was at an angle. I guess air got into the bottle because the paint is insanely thick! I have never seen polish this thick before. I was afraid to put thinner into it first so I called Zoya. Luckily, I spoke to a great customer service rep and hopefully this bottle will be replaced soon. Here is what it looks like:

So these are my goodies. But I am now on a ban. LOL! I'll be posting swatches soon. I can't wait!

May 16, 2010

NOTD - Snake Charmer!

Hey Ladies!

This is my nail change from Thursday. I had my friends wedding rehearsal and then a birthday celebration and a "our first year of law school is over" celebration. However, my Day & Night mani was already chipped. I knew I was going to change my nails for the wedding but wanted to do that on Friday so I would have a fresh mani. So I did a quick 1-day change.

This is 3 coats of OPI's "Charmed By A Snake."

Last OPI Haul?

I'm so sad with the recent OPI lawsuits. I understand that they are trying to keep control over the quality of their products. And it's not cool for etailers to be selling fake products. So I respect what they are doing. However, their gain is our loss. I don't like the fact that we won't be able to purchase OPI online anymore. I got so used to paying about $4 a bottle. I don't want to pay $8. And to think, US prices aren't as bad as some of the prices you gals are experiencing overseas. It's insane!

So my friend and I placed a Transdesign order ASAP since they're clearing their inventory. See, we use Nail Envy as our base. That stuff costs $16 in stores but only $8 online! So we ordered 3 bottles of Nail Envy each to stock up. LOL! And then I got "Charmed By A Snake." I've been wanting that color for a while. Granted, I've wanted A LOT of OPI's but this color was the only one that isn't close to anything I already own.

KOTD: Day & Night

Hey Ladies!

I am officially free from finals since this last Thursday! I walked out of that last exam and felt like all the weight of the world was finally off my shoulders. But then I had my friends wedding yesterday so I was still busy and couldn't post. But I'm back! And I hope to be back on a more consistent basis now.

Here is my mani from last Monday (May 10th). I did 2 coats of Catrice's "Blue My Mind!" from my swap with Colour Victim. However, I did 2 coats of OPI's "No Room For The Blues"on my ring fingers. Then I did the cloud image from M79 using Konad's White Polish.

I call this my "Day & Night" mani. My friend had the smart idea of adding stars to the "night" nails but I was too lazy to do it when the idea came up. Although, now I look at it and realize it would have been cute. Next time!

Also, ignore the horrible tip pull on the dark blue nails (funny that it didn't happen to the ring finger). I don't know what is going on lately. Could it be my Seche Vite bottle? Maybe it's too old? I don't know.... but it's driving me crazy!

May 11, 2010

KOTD: Seeing Spots

Hey Ladies!

Here is another gorgeous color from my swap with Colour Victim. Oh Catrice, how I wish you were available in the U.S. There are so many more colors I want from this line!

This is 2 coats of "Sold Out For Ever." Then I did the dots using M79 and FingerPaints "Sketch N Etch."

I suffered some nasty tip pull though. LOL!

Well, it's late and I'm tired from studying. Goodnight!

Happy Polishing!

NOTD: - I've struck Gold!

Hey Ladies!

So every time I change my polish I fall in love all over again with the new color. First, I'm not a big Gold fan. Not even in jewelry. I'm more of a Silver / White Gold type of girl. But I immediately loved this color when I saw it in the bottle. This was another lovely color from my swap with Colour Victim.

This is 3 coats of H&M's "Creme De La Creme." Love it!

Like all holos, it didn't last as long as a regular mani. However, my friend demanded that I make it matte before I took it off. So I did!

This color is gorgeous no matter how you wear it.

3 final exams down, 1 to go!

Happy Polishing!

May 9, 2010

KOTD: Ultra Gorgeous!

Hey Ladies!

This is what I had on for a few days since Tuesday. This is 3 coats of Color Club's "Ultra Violet." The blue shimmer in this color is insane! Especially in the sun!!! I am IN LOVE with this color! Then I stamped an image from image plate M51 using China Glaze's "OMG" on the ring fingers. I love the way the "OMG" holo and the blue shimmer come together. 

On a personal note: Out of 4 final exams, 2 are already out of the way. 2 more to go. Next one is tomorrow. This process is insane and mentally exhausting! I can't wait for it to be all over.

I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with pictures of my current mani.

Happy Polishing!

May 8, 2010

NOTD - Don't Want To See You Soon...

I hate to say it... but for some reason... I don't want to see you soon.  This is 2 coats of Sinful Colors' "See You Soon." I did this color last Sunday and took it off after just 2 days. I wasn't very happy with it.  It's a black with blue shimmer. The bottle makes it seem like there is more blue than there really is. It seems to lean more towards a dry green. It messes up the black base color. I don't know... It's weird. 

Moral of the story: I was disappointed.

Happy Polishing!

May 2, 2010

NOTD - Distracted by things that sparkle...

Distracted by things that sparkle.... like my nails!

I'm still studying... Is it Noon on May 13th yet? *sigh* My first final exam is on Monday... I'm terrified...  LOL!

So, no interesting Konad nails but I at least keep them painted. Lets see if I can keep that up once my exams actually start. But here is what I have right now:

Zoya's "Alegra"

Unfortunately, I am only able to share one picture. My camera battery was dead yesterday so I couldn't take pictures. And today there was no sun! So I took the pictures since I was afraid I might suffer a chip and then not be able to take a picture at all. This was the only one that looked good. Sorry!

This color is sooooo pretty! It tends to cross the line between red and magenta a lot. It's so weird! I had to put 3 coats because I felt that there would be VNL with just 2. I can't help but stare at my nails in the sun (when it was out)! It literally sparkles! I love it!

Well, back to studying... Happy Polishing!